ERDO Association took over ERDO-WG tasks in January 2021.

ERDO Annual webinar 19.10.2022

The advantages of multinational solutions in radioactive waste management are widely acknowledged. The big question is how to get there. This ERDO webinar addresses the challenging siting question. It will also give you an insight in all the work that has been done to date by ERDO and others and will outline the challenges that still lie ahead of us on the road to shared disposal.


Siting multinational repositories
Siting of Geological Repositories – Key Issues: Charles McCombie, ERDO

An Adaptive, Staged Siting Strategy for a Multinational Repository: Neil Chapman, ERDO

Lessons learned from ERDO-projects
Borehole disposal – Lessons learned from an ERDO project: Håvard Kristiansen, NND

LWC Project – Legacy Waste Characterization: Michela Raio, Sogin

Potential new projects
ERDO – NEA Joint Project opportunity – Feasibility of a Multinational Infrastructure for Managing Radioactive Waste: Rebecca Tadesse, OECD-NEA

ERDO – US-DOE collaboration – The Potential Impacts of SMRs on Multinational Cooperation at the Back end of the Fuel Cycle: Jake Kinghorn-Mills, MCM Environmental Services Ltd

The Deep Borehole Demonstration Center – Update on plans for a non-profit, multi-national, public-private partnership approach: Rod Baltzer, Deep Isolation



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