Every country using nuclear technologies generates some wastes that require geological disposal. A deep geological repository (DGR) is the most complex waste management facility to implement. For almost all countries, target dates for operation of a national DGR lie decades into the future. This allows ample time for evaluation in parallel of the shared DGRs that are one focus of the ERDO Association.

Our members are developing both options until the optimum solution for each country becomes apparent – this is the Dual-Track approach. It allows countries to keep options open whilst fulfilling their obligations to the IAEA and the EC.

  • Dual-Track maintains flexibility and meets national and international responsibilities
  • Involvement in Dual-Track projects implies no prior commitment to use or host a shared DGR
  • It is already the preferred option of several European countries
  • The prospect of a shared disposal solution encourages the development of common technical approaches to the interim treatment and storage of radioactive wastes
  • Dual-Track encourages developing effective national capabilities not only for a domestic programme, but also to act as a provider or an ‘intelligent customer’ of shared solutions