The ERDO Association operates under the legal requirements of an association laid down in Dutch law. Below some of the key aspects of membership are listed.

The full details are documented in the Articles of the Association.

  • Membership is open to any organisation supporting the aims of the Association: commonly, ministries, waste management organisations, regulators, research entities or international organisations:
    • Full Members have voting rights and can delegate two representatives into the highest body of the Association – the Assembly of Members (AoM)
    • Associate Members can also have two representatives at the AoM; these participate in discussions but do not have voting rights
  • The Association is managed by a Board elected by the Members from within their number and a Secretariat, which is based at the offices of COVRA in the Netherlands
  • Annual contributions from Members finance the work of the Secretariat and any external project work decided by the Members. Contributions at the founding of the Association in 2021 are set at EUR 10’000 per year for Full Members and EUR 2’000 per year for Associate Members