ERDO envisages a long-term programme of shared activities that aim to spin-off concrete solutions to waste management problems and, eventually to enable progress towards shared facilities. As a relatively small, selffinanced body, the ERDO Association can concentrate resources and manage projects effectively on modest budgets with efficient timescales.

Specifically, the ERDO Association will:

  • Act as an open forum for sharing technical knowledge and experiences among its members through regular meetings to share information and update each other on progress
  • Identify and carry out projects to achieve specific aims: these will build on projects transferred from the ERDO Working Group, which are currently studying costs of shared disposal, the pre-disposal issues associated with managing legacy wastes and the potential for developing a reference deep borehole disposal solution that could be incorporated into members’ national programmes
  • Establish a knowledge centre for members to assist them in resolving issues in their own programmes
  • Act as knowledge centre for external organisations seeking expertise in shared solutions
  • Act as a voice in the international media and fora to promote shared waste management solutions

The legal structure of the Association allows it to act as a representative body in international groupings and to enter into contracts with external organisations, thus facilitating all of the above activities.

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