Shared solutions have been researched over the last 20 years and much of the knowledge base lies within the ERDO Association. The founding feasibility studies for sharing disposal solutions in Europe were carried out by ERDO-WG members in the SAPIERR projects of the EC. This led to the establishment of the ERDO Working Group in 2009.

From a WG to  an Association

Over the following decade, both the fundamental concepts and the practical aspects of multinational waste management solutions were also researched and promoted by the IAEA, with central involvement of ERDO-WG members. The ERDO Association has established working relationships with a wide circle of organisations involved in radioactive waste management inside Europe and globally.

As a result:

  • There is a sound knowledge base on the key issues associated with the economics, legal and political aspects, and the societal implications of shared waste management solutions
  • There is experience in analysing scenarios for how various types of shared facility might evolve and become reality
  • The knowledge basis is being further enhanced within the ERDO Association for the benefit of its members

Interest in the feasibility of a shared multinational disposal

Interest in the feasibility of countries sharing a multinational repository for disposal of nuclear wastes is increasing. Below is a link to a short presentation of current status of national policies – most specifically in Europe – and legislation are illustrated.

2021 Nuclear Inter Jura Virtual Congress – WORKING GROUP 5 – Waste Management

International Nuclear Law Association – United States Chapter

Policy, strategy and legal issues related to implementing a regional repository

By Charles McCombie, ERDO/ARIUS Associations and Leon Kegel, ERDO Association/ARAO

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